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WinBiologics partners with other independent, small, family owned businesses who are going up against the titans of the ag industry –
Collectively we strive to provide the best value we can against the industry giants!

- Carolyn Wingate Founder of WinBiologics

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“…a lot of times you hear speakers say get rid of all fertilizers. Sometimes practical & sometimes not. Only a handful of vendors I’ve met care more about YOUR ROI than their profit margin & Carolyn Wingate is one of them. Check out her company WinBIOLOGICS; she’s out here educating farmers on the best products to use for regenerative farms & is awesome to work with.

Russell Hedrick

Carolyn is always ready to get out in the field and help me better understand how her products can help.

John James

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Our good friend Russell Hendrick mentioned us in this amazing article:

Corn Yield Record Shattered By Farmer’s 459.51 Dryland Bushels: “We also did boron, zinc and micros from WinBiologics with a drone to keep things balanced. Some people hear 310 pounds of nitrogen and think that’s high, but in my area, there are plenty of guys applying 250 pounds of nitrogen and getting only a third of what we yielded.”

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